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What is CBG & How to Use it?

What Is CBG and How to Use it?

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Description: The less-famous CBG is taking over the health and wellness sector by storm. Experts reveal that CBG uses may transcend beyond CBD and THC.

Ever since scientific focus shifted to cannabis’s medical properties of cannabis, more and more research is being conducted to ascertain its impact on health and wellness.

CBG is a component found in the cannabis plant.

It is purported to be more beneficial than CBD, which raises the question, CBG, what is it? 

What is CBG?

The first known mention of cannabigerol was documented in the 1960s.  Recently, the medical arena is speculating over the application of cannabigerol in pharmacology and therapy. Cannabigerol is the lesser-known cannabinoid. It is a non-psychotropic element found abundantly in high-CBD and low-THC cannabis strains.

Since proponents went vocal in support of medical marijuana legalization, more consideration went to study cannabidiol and THC. Due to this, we know a lot about CBD and THC, but what about CBG? Currently, little is known about cannabigerol.

Cannabigerol is said to be the matriarch of all cannabinoids. Cannabigerol is produced when the Sativa plant produces inactive cannabigerol acid (CBGA), which breaks down to various aggregates after exposure to UV elements. The plant then remains with only minor amounts of cannabigerol.

Purported CBG uses include inhibiting cancer cells’ growth and reducing inflammation, hindering bacterial growth.

A downside is that the production of pure cannabigerol is a costly affair. Much more substantial quantities of the raw plant are needed to obtain a meager amount. Therefore, scientific study is underway to come up with breeds with higher cannabigerol content.

If you are a farmer, you can purchase these seeds from various sources. These seeds have gained unprecedented notoriety among cannabis breeders. They are believed to work by inhibiting the conversion of CBGa to mainly CBC (cannabichromene), CBD, and THC.

You can access more information on the Internet to learn about CBG and its products. Online resources, such as CBD Shelter, have diverse, informative pieces and brand reviews you can read.

What Is the Distinction Between CBG and CBD

Cannabigerol and cannabidiol have a lot in common. However, although they are both derivatives of CBGa in cannabis and hemp, they are quite distinct compounds. So, which is better, CBG or CBD?

They both produce non-psychotropic effects, have a broad array of health benefits, and combine with the same cerebrum receptors. So, where do we draw the line when it comes to CBG vs. CBD?

The key variance is in how cannabigerol interacts with the mind’s conformity. Cannabigerol binds with receptors in both the nervous system and the body. It optimizes both your mental disposition and physical well-being.

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How To Use CBG

Cannabigerol BG is popularly available as an oil. You can find broad-spectrum cannabigerol, CBG vape oil, isolates, and tinctures. Proposed health benefits of CBG use include:

●    Increased Anti-inflammatory benefits

●    Adaptive Neuroprotective effects

●    Enhanced Antimicrobial properties

●  Uptake in  Stimulation of appetite

● Reduces bladder dysfunction

However, more research is needed to support the impact of cannabigerol fully. We are yet to comprehend the extensive scope of this cannabinoid.

Due to limited scientific proof, the side effects of cannabigerol are yet to be determined. Ensure you consult with a certified physician before incorporating cannabigerol into your diet.

Then arises the question, is CBG legal? Well, federal law dictates that for a marijuana-derived product to be allowed, it should have a THC content of below 0.3 percent. However, always check the regulations in your state to avoid breaking any laws. 


More experiments are currently in progress to shed light on CBG uses in health and wellness. For instance, there is insufficient evidence of how CBG affects the serotonin system in humans.

So far, cannabigerol has displayed undeniable therapeutic applications. However, from a pharmaceutical standpoint, additional investigation is needed to fully comprehend the scope of cannabigerol.

Have you tried CBG? Let us know about your experience. Leave a comment below.

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Author’s Bio: Consultant and cannabis enthusiast, Rachel, is a nutritional therapist. She holds certification from the Nutrition and Dietetics Board from the University of Colorado. Rachel aspires to aid her clients in achieving allrounded wellness in their lives. She believes with positive modifications to diet and lifestyle, her clients can achieve optimal health.

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