Premium CBD Hemp Flower

Top Shelf CBD Hemp Flower.

Our premium CBD hemp flower is sourced from farm to container |  Dose daily as your Top Shelf CBD hemp flower of choice  |   Organic   |    CBDism


Cannabidiol (CBD) Full-Spectrum |  15.72% – 20.29% Total CBD  |   Terpenes


We have packaged our Top Shelf hemp flower for daily use |  3.5g  |  7.0g  |  10.0g  |  14.0g  |  28.0g  |  112g  |  CBDism

Flavor Profiles.

Suver Haze | Sour Space Candy | Special Sauce

Why CBDism.

At CBDism, we believe that getting a premium CBD Hemp flower should not be beyond your budget. Our products contain only premium CBD flower that’s full-spectrum and cured through our unique production process that results in super high-quality smokable CBD flower here in the USA. No additives, no pollutants, no gimmicks – only the good stuff! With that being said, our CBD will not get you “high” as we only yield less than the federally allowed amount of THC at .3%. CBD Hemp Flower has shown to have various positive effects, such as calming anxiety, pain relief, and inflammation.

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