Cannabis and CBD Merchant Services

There is an incredible obstacle to overcome when opening a high-risk enterprise in the Cannabis and CBD markets which is payment processing & banking services. The confusion between state and federal laws means cannabis companies are caught in the midst of a legal minefield. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 made the plant illegal in the United States but now state/federal governemnt are making these products available.  WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!

CBDism is an exclusive representative for THE ONLY LICENSED AND LEGAL payment processing for the cannabis and marijuana industry in the United States.

CBDism Merchant Services are powered and backed by Transact First. Our partnership has allowed for compliance that allows our vendors to do business anywhere!

    What is Point of Banking for High Risk Merchants?

    Our (cashless ATM) system supports authorized PIN-based card transactions like ATM/debit cards and credit cards. This allows your customers the ability to pay with their cards, increasing customer spend with every transaction.

    What are the Benefits for High Risk Merchants?

    • Customers spend more with card payments compared to cash.
    • Supported by multiple banks for 100% real-time reliability.
    • Merchants get Daily funding through a quick and easy approval process.

    There are No per-transaction costs to merchants and No hidden fees – EVER.

    Merchant Cash Advances Up to $200K in immediate cash will be available for qualified merchants (COMING SOON).